Let’s face it, saving boxes and boxes of sensitive documents so they don’t accidentally end up in the trash is not practical. Nor is filling warehouse space to hold all those boxes. You could just save yourself a ton of hassle just by using a commercial document shredding service. If you live in the Santa Barbara area, you can contact us at Pack and Post to do the job. But why even shred them? Well, let’s take a look at our top reasons why you should be letting us shred those documents instead of storing them away forever.

1 – Office Shredder Accidents

Sure, it may sound silly to you now but there is always one person in a department who either refuses to read the operating instructions or claims to have done so. That typically results in cuts, abrasions, scrapes and all kinds of injuries that can be blamed on sharp objects. The thing to remember here is that a paper shredder, regardless of the size and capacity, still contains sharp blades. Using one of these devices incorrectly can put someone in the ER for the rest of the day. That won’t get you any closer to closing the Jenkins file. Plus, ties don’t look all that good once the shredder gets a hold of one.

2 – There Is A Cost Difference

If you were to compare the pricing between a document shredding service and that Maxim 200F sitting over there in the same light as the photocopy machine you would be surprised. The machine you are using requires maintenance, power and someone standing over it feeding confidential documents into it. These all cost your company. Then there’s the need to empty the shredder on a regular basis and hopefully the janitor tonight didn’t send in the ex-con on his staff to collect your garbage. With a shredding service, we do all of that for one simple rate. Cheaper and less stressful for you.

3 – It’s Not Their Problem

As tempting as it may be to add ‘document shredding’ to the job description of everyone on the second floor, the reality is that can you trust anyone with this sensitive data? Plus, is it really a job that the employees need to be doing? You’d be further off making sure they were out in the field making their sales projections and hitting targets. When we say “in the field” we are not suggesting an empty piece of land with a shovel and plans to dig and bury your confidential company documents that should at least be buried outside of the greater Santa Barbara region. Oh, wait. No, there should be no digging at all. Forget we even went there with that.

4 – You Can’t Keep Them Forever

Even if you don’t have a warehouse full of sensitive documents in rows upon rows of bags (see #1), you can’t keep collecting them. There is a legal retention period and once that is reached, you can free up some of the square footage in your document hiding place by getting rid of the stale dated stuff. Check to be sure but some retention periods are as little as one year and go for as much as seven years. You will want to purge when you can but where would you go in order to destroy such a volume of paper? In Santa Barbara we can handle the workload and we’ll even give you documentation to keep (you won’t want to shred our paperwork) to prove to those pesky government agencies that the old stuff was destroyed when it was supposed to be.

5 – Burning Is Not An Option

Unless you happen to have access to a ginormous burner, it’s typically not a good idea to burn documents with sensitive data. First off, if there happens to be carbon paper or any other foreign material mixed in the pile you risk creating problems that can be damaging for future generations. We’re assuming it’s a lot of paper products that would create a big enough bonfire to not only singe a hole in the ozone, it would also be picked up on Doppler radar and visible from Google Earth. You don’t want to bring that kind of attention to your innocent efforts of destroying top secret documents that have been stashed away for decades. It just isn’t worth the time explaining to authorities and FOX-TV what was going on in the first place.

6 – It’s Better For The Environment

As an extension of #5, when you use a document shredding service you save the environment decades of regrowth following such stunts as burying the documents, dumping them overboard in the waterway of your choice or burning them like some crazed pyromaniac. With that being said, you also don’t want to have to deal with trying to do the right thing by saving each and every piece of paper just in case the IRS, FBI or some other three letter agency decides to do a spot check on you. Of course, you could start to send yourself smallish packages of these documents knowing that the USPS could save you time by losing the packages somewhere in their system but you would still be paying for packing material and postage.

In Santa Barbara, Just Let Us Destroy Your Paperwork

That’s kind of the point we’re making here. Why go to the trouble of trying to take care of a task that we can do for you instead? We keep it confidential and do the document shredding so you don’t have to. Besides, the time you’d be wasting on that job could be better spent on an extended lunch or possibly an afternoon off instead of a lot of extra overtime hours no one is really going to notice other than you. Call us today for information on how we can start destroying your paperwork.